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Moira Holohan: Glimpse

September 25 - October 23, 2021

Moira Holohan: EDO 2021

September 11th - September 25th, 2021


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Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya, The Enigma of an Evening in Autumn (installation view), 2021

Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya: The Enigma of an Evening in Autumn

Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Fluted Diamonds, 2020

Felecia Chizuko Carlisle: Patterns of Interference

Sam Lavigne, New York Apartment (video still), 2020

Sam Lavigne: New York Apartment

Justin H. Long, GULL vs LOBSTER (video still), 2020

Justin H. Long: GULL vs LOBSTER

Jenny Brillhart_Emerson Dorsch Gallery_Housekeeping_2021

Jenny Brillhart: Housekeeping

Elisabeth Condon, Basket, 2021

Elisabeth Condon: New Works

Robert Thiele: 80's to Present

Robert Thiele: 80’s to Present

Karen Rifas: 20/20 installation shot

Karen Rifas: 20/20

Clifton Childree - Storm Inn

Clifton Childree: Storm Inn

Sasha Wortzel, We Have Always Been on Fire (video still), 2018

EDO (aka Emerson Dorsch Online)

Frances Trombly, Weaving (Artemisia, Indigo), 2020

Frances Trombly: All This Time

Barron Sherer, EKTA-GLADES (video still), 2020

Barron Sherer: EKTA-GLADES

Fragment installation shot


Onajide Shabaka, Alosúgbe: a journey across time (installation view)

Onajide Shabaka: Alosúgbe, a journey across time

Santiago Reyes Villaveces, 2019

alfonso borragán: bucarolito

Elisabeth Condon, Bricolage, 2019

Elisabeth Condon: Effulgence

Mette Tommerup, Love, Ur, (installation view), 2019

Mette Tommerup: Love, Ur


Mette Tommerup: Ocean Loop

Jamilah Sabur: The Rhetoric of the Living

Brookhart Jonquil: Endless Light in An Endless Night

Chris Byrd in his studio

I See The Spotlight In You

Magnus Sigurdarson: Adios Melancholy - The Parroty of Life

Magnus Sigurdarson: Adios Melancholy – The Parroty of Life

Paradise Summit, 2018

Paradise Summit Miami


Elisabeth Condon: Unnatural Life

Paula Wilson

Paula Wilson: Salty & Fresh

Robert Chambers: Iron Oar

Karen Rifas: Per Forms

LOT Miami


Felecia Chizuko Carlisle: Radio Silence

Tameka Norris

Tameka Norris – Meka Jean: Recovery

3 for 8 Minus 23

Robert Thiele: 3 for 8 minus 23

Installation view

Habitat: The Politics of Repetition

Beatriz Monteavaro, 2014

Beatriz Monteavaro: Ourboros

Jenny Brillhart, 2014

Jenny Brillhart: Noonday

Oliver Dorfer, 2013

Oliver Dorfer: Oceana

Cara Despain, 2014

Cara Despain: Cast Set

Michael Jones McKean, 2017

Michael Jones McKean: We Float Above to Spit and Sing

Saya Woolfalk, 2014

Saya Woolfalk: Chimera

Brookhart Jonquil, 2013

Brookhart Jonquil: In a Perfect World

Rene Barge, 2013

Rene Barge: Relay

Justin H. Long, 2013

Justin H. Long: Mantucket

Object Implied, installation view

Object Implied

FPowell_video still

Freya Powell: I’ll Smile and I’m Not Sad

Alan Gutierrez, 2013

Alan Gutierrez: Intro

Kyle Trowbridge, 2012

Kyle Trowbridge: Politics of Time

Carlos Rigau, 2012

Carlos Rigau: Magnetic Poetry

Magnus Sigurdarson, 2012

Magnus Sigurdarson: 1001 Dreams of Occupation: What’s In It For Me?

Elisabeth Condon, 2012

Elisabeth Condon: Walk with Me

Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, 2012

Felecia Chizuko Carlisle: Facade

Andy Grambell

Andy Gambrell: Finding Beauty

Mette Tommerup, 2011-12

Mette Tommerup: Full Salute

Corin Hewitt, 2010

Corin Hewitt: Drying Flowers with Microwaves

Bubble Raft, 2010

Bubble Raft

Rene Barge, 2010

Rene Barge: The Making of a Porous Body

Brian O'Connell, 2010

Brian O’Connell: The Illusion of Plans

Robert Thiele

Robert Thiele: 8-Four-9

Clifton Childree, 2010 - 11

Clifton Childree: Orchestrated Gestures


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