Frances Trombly in Hyperallergic

December 11, 2017


Monica Uszerowicz

Timely, Exciting Work by Women Artists at Miami Art Week
Visceral, tender, and sometimes frightening works by women brought dynamism and a huge range of perspectives to the fairs of Miami Art Week.

…To soothe myself, I went to Emerson-Dorsch’s Sunrise, Sunset (on view through January 19), which was mostly silent. I was already biased — the show’s theme revolves around a story by Edwidge Danticat, who I love. That the story speaks to intergenerational relationships made a collaborative piece between Frances Trombly and Lynne Golob Gelfman, “Unravel 4” (2017), all the more special. Trombly, who primarily works with textiles, unraveled the threads of a canvas painting by Golob Gelfman, then re-wove them back in, creating a gently textured work. It’s an aesthetically pleasing testament to some of the tasks associated with women: handcrafts and weaving, but also mutual understanding. The people who support women best are other women.


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