Emerson Dorsch featured in The New York Times

February 14, 2019

The New York Times

Brett Sokol

Miami has become justifiably famous for having one of the country’s most vibrant art scenes outside New York City and Los Angeles. Ground zero for much of this activity has migrated north from the Wynwood neighborhood and into Little Haiti and Little River. To see the artwork made by some of this milieu’s most impressive figures start at the Emerson Dorsch gallery, whose homegrown roster embraces old lions like Robert Thiele, as well as a younger generation that includes Jenny Brillhart, Robert Chambers and Mette Tommerup. If there’s a common thread binding the best of this “Miami school,” it’s in the desire to create tactile objects — whether a painting or a keep-your-distance, spinning helicopter blade — that don’t need accompanying wall text to rivet onlookers. Continue winding your way north with stops at Nina Johnson, Primary Projects, Pan American Art Projects, Spinello Projects, Tile Blush, and the Fountainhead Studios.


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