UNTITLED Art Fair 2022

Yanira Collado, Onajide Shabaka and Robert Thiele

Yanira Collado | Onajide Shabaka | Robert Thiele

Emerson Dorsch is excited to announce that we will return to UNTITLED Art Fair this December. This year our booth will highlight the work of  Yanira Collado, Onajide Shabaka, and Robert Thiele. These three artists share a poetic thread honoring the ritual process by transforming cultural detritus (textiles, photography, printed matter, found objects) and breathing new life into what was once discarded.

A conversation takes place. Onajide Shabaka brings forth deep forgotten histories of the African Diaspora, ever present in nature, a nature he walks among, letting it be his guide, haunting but beautiful. A meditative layering of once-used fabric, Yanira Collado brings forth personal history, allowing the process to propel the past to the present. In Robert Thiele’s work, silent observation is key, and his works hold a secret. Nude figures encapsulated, slightly revealing. What is retained and kept hidden is essential to what is revealed. An unreconciled past spans throughout the works, giving weight to the ritual process and the continuous desire to mend what was and what is.


Fair Dates:
Tuesday, November 29 – Saturday, December 3, 2022
VIP & Press Preview: Monday, November 28

Taking place from November 29 to December 3, 2022, on the sands of Miami Beach at Ocean Drive and 12th Street (with a VIP and Press Preview on Monday, November 28), the independently owned fair will feature presentations by an international group of leading and undiscovered contemporary artists.

Untitled Art will return with compelling booth presentations, site-specific installations, and performances as part of an expanded curatorial platform spearheaded by Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud. Guided by a mission to support the wider art ecosystem, this year’s fair will focus on collaboration across the local and global art community. Participants have been selected for their curatorial integrity, and international reach, and the fair’s curation will facilitate interesting juxtapositions and discussions between galleries, artists, and non-profits from 31 countries.


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February 3, 2023


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