Brookhart Jonquil in Celestial FutureX

November 5, 2019


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Celestial FutureX presents an imagined space where the term foreign, or prefix xeno can be appropriated – with the weight of its history – and used to recenter the Othered, the immigrant, the microbe, the plant, or the animal as holding the keys to the future of our humanity. When SpaceX launched a Tesla into space as a photo op, it became more than clear that the future of space exploration, now driven by a few of the world’s richest men, was being financed as an escape plan for billionaires. Conversely, we assert that space is an opportunity for us to reject the systems that have destroyed our home for extractive gain and recenter the peripheral as the site of an animated, thriving futurity. Performance of New Woman’s Space Program: Pilot by Tusia Dabrowska based on provocations by Sara Batkie. Video animations by Maria Hupfield. Set design by Wiktor Podgorski, activating sculpture by Brookhart Jonquil. (7:30 PM – 7:50 PM) Soft Surplus November 6th, 2019 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM 366 Devoe St, Brooklyn, NY 11211-2638

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Dear friends of Emerson Dorsch,

Due to current conditions related to Covid 19, we are closing the gallery until further notice. Meantime, our staff will continue to work from home. Please direct any questions you may have at this time to [email protected].

We wish everyone health and peace during this time. Please take care of each other, and we’ll see you soon.