Brookhart Jonquil in Behind the Seen, NARS Art Residency

September 12, 2019


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Brookhart Jonquil’s work brings together concrete materiality with those aspects of the world that lie beyond our ability to directly perceive. Using light, tension, and gravity, his sculptures make tangible the immaterial interactions at the foundation of our experience. In balancing force and form, his work brings to light the same underlying principles that create harmony and stability in all dynamic systems, whether an individual mind, a society, or an ecosystem. Pushing toward an impossible ideal, he draws from utopian architecture and spiritual practice to create sculpture at the precarious edge between the physical world and the transcendent possibilities beyond.

Brookhart Jonquil received his MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010, where he was awarded a graduate fellowship. He earned both his BFA and a BA in Art History from the University of Arizona. He has had solo exhibitions at the Bass Museum of Art and the De la Cruz Collection in Miami, Art Center Sarasota, and the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach. Group exhibitions include the Frost Museum of Art in Miami, Pablo Atchugarry Foundation in Uruguay, Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice, Floodlight Foundation in New Delhi, Eyebeam in New York, the American University Museum in DC, the Orlando Museum of Art, MoMA Santo Domingo DR, Sometimes Artspace in Havana, MoCA North Miami, and MoCA Tucson.

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