Clifton Childree and Brookhart Jonquil in Good to Know.FYI

December 1, 2020

Good to Know.FYI is a curatorial collective by Alex Valls, Julianna Vezzetti, Juliana Steiner and Jess Hodin Levy focused on creating site-responsive exhibitions in unique locations. GTK.FYI emphasizes the importance of integrating the local community into its curatorial research for the development of each exhibition. As a collective, GTK.FYI continuously seeks to collaborate with fellow curators, institutions, galleries and artists to continue the growth of its public programming and accessible platform.


Good to Know.FYI has been producing large scale group exhibitions during Miami Art Week since 2017. GTK.FYI has worked with over 50 artists and has commissioned more than 10 site responsive installations. Due to its mission of working in satellite locations, GTK has created exhibitions in Little Havana and in Downtown Miami.

For its fourth consecutive year at Miami Art Week, GTK.FYI will be taking over locations in Little Haiti, Coral Gables, and Miami Beach.


In this exhibition, GTK.FYI explores one of most pressing issues in Miami today- its rising sea levels. Together with the Center for Subtropical Affairs, GTK.FYI wishes to call attention to the endangerment of Miami’s native ecosystem. Given its location in Little Haiti, the exhibition will also explore colonial histories and how economic models based on land exploitation lead to the destruction of the natural environment.

LOCATIONS for GTK.FYI Miami Art Week

GTK.FYI will activate two separate and unique spaces across Miami for the presentation of this year’s exhibition. Each show will compliment one another and be thematically consistent.




Center for Subtropical Affairs

The CSA is a nonprofit urban garden in Little Haiti that looks to educate the Miami community on urban agriculture and mycology. As the 2020 host site for GTK.FYI’s annual Miami show, the center will be activated by artworks and public programming as well as special private events.


Clifton Childree

An analog artist in the digital era, Clifton Childree adores the herky-jerky motion of black and white silent film, its hokey lighting, and the hiss and crackle of phonograph records. Childree’s affection for simple hydraulics and basic mechanics comes from a deep love affair for the turn-of-the-century arcade, and the broad laughs of vaudeville entertainment. It’s the hand-cranked and slapstick that gets Childree going.

Brookhart Jonquil

Using unusual and highly aestheticized construction materials and consumer goods—such as two-by-fours, mirrors, neon lights, and magicians’ flash paper—Jonquil mines the histories of postwar abstract sculpture and scientific imagery.

”My work is informed by my interest in science, particularly biology, virology, and perception—how our brains are wired to understand the world around us and its social conditions.”

Franky Cruz

Franky Cruz, works with butterflies to create unexpected art pieces. Franky shifted away from conventional painting in search of a non-toxic means by which to express himself creatively. This environmentally conscious move led him to learn how to repair butterfly wings, rear caterpillars successfully through metamorphosis, and how to work with these creatures to produce large-scale paintings.

Cruz will be creating a large scale site-specific installation for this exhibition.

Brianna Lance

Brianna is a polymath working as an artist, designer, creative director, brand consultant, illustrator, musician and DJ. She is a contributing editor for So It Goes Magazine, realizing the photographic direction and music.

Laila Gohar

Laila Gohar is a food artist originally from Cairo who has traveled the world creating edible installations. She sees food as both an artistic medium and a tool for communication. She explores the nature of human interaction by creating convivial, multi-sensory edible events.

Her work draws upon historic methods of food preparation, and as a whole, food’s role in society.

Emmett Moore

Miami-based sculptor and designer Emmett Moore creates inventive pieces that combine objects to test the limits of their form and function. Many of his works explore conditions of display.

Alberto Baraya

Through photography, video, found objects, and drawings, Alberto Baraya parodies colonial exploitation and its echoes in contemporary global exchange. Since 2001, he has styled himself as a “viajero”, referring to 18th- and 19th-century European travelers who undertook botanical explorations in the name of science and in the service of colonization.

In this work titled“Herbarium of Artificial Plants”, Baraya follows the path of these pseudo-scientists, collecting, cataloguing, and displaying artificial plants.

Orly Anan

Orly Anan is a visual artist and set designer interested in the intersection between ritual and contemporary art. Her research has led her to explore the traditions of various countries, The work of Orly Anan is born of the mysticism implicated in everyday life, in which spirituality is defined as the consciousness of the energy that unites and interweaves everything.

“I love the idea that you can travel in time and space if you are submerged in a manipulated space. I am a romantic dreamer, so I guess that to alter reality is a need for me.”

Michele Oka Doner

Michele Oka Doner born in Miami Beach. Doner is an American artist and author who works in a variety of media including sculpture, prints, drawings, functional objects and video. Her formal vocabulary and work is fueled by a lifelong study and appreciation of the natural world.

Katie Stout

Katie Stout is regarded as one of the leading designers of her generation, her works have been featured in T Magazine, the New York Times, Apartmento, Artforum and numerous other publications.

Morel Doucet

Morel Doucet b. 1990 is a Miami-based multidisciplinary artist and arts educator that hails from Haiti. He employs ceramics, illustrations, and prints to examine the realities of climate-gentrification, migration, and displacement within the Black diaspora communities.

Nathan Young

Nathan Young is a multidisciplinary artist and composer working in an expanded practice that incorporates sound, video, documentary, animation, installation, socially engaged art and experimental and improvised music.

For this exhibition, GTK would want to commission a site-specific sound piece.


Cascara Tech transforms the crust of food into decorative dishes and materials with high aesthetic value. They are handmade, so each design is unique.

GTK intends on partnering with Cascara Tech to use their dishes for any food served during this exhibition. We will also share Cascara Tech’s know-how of sustainability with participating artists in hopes for them to work with more sustainable materials.

Projected Timeline

Installation: November 15th-30th

Opening Receptions

December 2nd- Coral Gables, Giralda Plaza
December 4th- The Center For Subtropical Affairs



September 30, 2020

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