Artist Onajide Shabaka selected as AIRIE’s next Artist in Residence

October 29, 2020

November 20th – December 28th, 2021

In partnership with the Everglades National Park, AIRIE operates a live/work residency program with a mission to support and enhance the arts and cultural heritage of the Everglades subtropical wilderness.
AIRIE arranges introductions to park rangers, scientists, biologists, historians, artists, cultural and community leaders to enhance their understanding of the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Everglades. Residency experiences are tailored to the interests of each individual artist, creating opportunities for independence and solitude, as well as interaction, collaboration and public engagement as each artist desires.

Photo taken by Onajide on the final day of his residency, 2015: “While visiting different habitats of the Everglades with several park rangers we pulled over on the side of the road to check out a map or something, and out of the swamp comes a panther. We were all shocked! Seeing a panther in the wild is a very, very rare sight.”



October 15, 2022

Artist, Exhibition

July 14, 2022

Artist, Exhibition

February 20, 2022

Artist, Exhibition

February 20, 2022

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