Tyler Emerson-Dorsch moderates panel at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

February 26, 2018


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“Curating in Context” A symposium about curating art with a particular art historical frame in a setting that may have an entirely different historical and cultural particularity. The symposium begins at 10am with individual presentations by Gina Wouters, Hetty Berens and Pieranna Cavalchini, and then at 11:15am. PANEL Gallerist and curator Tyler Emerson-Dorsch will moderate a panel of experts in the field. Hetty Berens, Curator, Sonneveldhuis, Rotterdam, Netherlands & Board of Directors, Iconic Houses, Netherlands. Pieranna Cavalchini, Curator, Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Boston, MA, USA. Amanda Sanfillipo, Curator & Artist Manager, Art in Public Places, Miami, FL, USA. Gina Wouters, Vice President of Museum Affairs, Cheekwood Estate and Gardens, Nashville, TN, USA. Description This panel will focus on the considerations surrounding curating in museums with strong narrative, historical and design interpretation integrated within the mission. The panel will also consider how to balance site specific and site responsive work with the boundaries, and often constraints, of preservation and collection guidelines. Panelists will also reflect on how the work contributes to and expands interpretive opportunities, and in the case of public art, cultural engagement. Explore the types of artists curators consider for work “in context.” This is an important part of the curatorial approach as there are very clearly artists that are comfortable working in context and others not. There might be some overlap with the artists panel, also given the white cube relevance, but I think that the perspective of artist and curator are unique enough to stand alone.

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