Paula Wilson in Ocula

November 30, 2022


Elaine YJ Zheng

“Paula Wilson: Be Wild. Bewilder” at Emerson Dorsch, mentioned in Ocula Magazine as one of the must-see exhibitions during Art Week Miami.

New Mexico-based artist Paula Wilson is known for historically revisionist works that contend with the complexities of contemporary identity, often inserting herself or known female tropes within past landscapes and art-historical canons.

Wilson’s present exhibition extends a meditation on fragmentation and regeneration, with works gathering pieces from other paintings, smaller representations of objects, and everyday debris, collaged and collated, as if discarded ruins given new significance.

In the mixed-media painting Agora (2022), a procession of figures wearing different traditional garments made from scraps of the artist’s old prints on fabric, appear to congregate on the hills, while the visual clash suggests a myriad of coexisting perspectives.



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