Paula Wilson in Artsy

February 1, 2023


Ayanna Dozier

Represented artist Paula Wilson featured in Artsy as one of the 28 overlooked Black Artists to discovery during Black History Month.

Combining print and painting techniques, Paula Wilson’s narrative figurative paintings unpack the legacy of the Black diaspora. Her majestic, brightly colored paintings feature a variety of textures via ink, fabric, and paper that are collaged together on unstretched canvas. Wilson literally places history onto the bodies of her subjects.

Recent works, like In the Desert: Malpis Rug (2016), examine the aesthetics of the landscape of New Mexico, where the artist is currently based. These pieces create a dynamic range of scenery due to Wilson’s use of monoprinting and lithography, as well as paint to draw out the tactile qualities of the mediums.



September 18, 2023

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