Emerson Dorsch artists in Vizcaya book

June 1, 2017

By Joel M. Hoffman, Gina Wouters, and Wendy R. Wolf


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We are pleased to announce that ED Artists Brookhart Jonquil, Magnus Sigurdarson and Frances Trombly are featured in Vizcaya Museum’s new book Lost Spaces and Stories of Vizcaya for their contributions to the exhibition of the same name. The exhibition and the book mark the 10th anniversary of the Contemporary Arts Program at Vizcaya. The book also features projects presented in past years’ editions of the CAP program. Among these are projects by ED Artists Brookhart Jonquil, Felecia Carlisle, Clifton Childree, Magnus Sigurdarson, Robert Chambers and Mette Tommerup. The book includes essays by Joel M. Hoffman, Gina Wouters, and Wendy R. Wolf.

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