Rob Goyanes Highlights Mette Tommerup in American Way Magazine

March 1, 2021

American Way

Rob Goyanes

Courtesy of SLS Cancun Hotel and Emerson Dorsch Gallery

Double Sea, Mette Tommerup

SLS Cancún Hotel & Residences, Mexico

One day, Denmark-born, Miami-residing artist Mette Tommerup decided to throw some of her paintings into the sea. They came back with salt damage; some even grew crystals. This is how Tommerup happened upon the method she used for the creation of Double Sea (2020), on view at the SLS in Cancún. An installation of wall-sized canvases portrays rippling, fractal patterns like those you’d find in the Atlantic, though the artist also sees these as the workings of our minds.


Artist, Exhibition

December 31, 2020


December 1, 2020

Artist, Exhibition

November 11, 2020


January 11, 2020


January 8, 2020

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