Barron Sherer: EKTA-GLADES

November 13, 2020


Barron Sherer, EKTA-GLADES (video still), 2020
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Barron Sherer, EKTA-GLADES, 2020. 16mm film transferred to HD video, color, sound, 7:56 min.

This moving image installation is a record of sound and images on 16mm motion picture film and digital audio captured during an AIRIE mini-residency. The video explores actuality (the Everglades in Winter) but also the relationship of the image to the frame and the image to the work’s diegetic soundtrack. The work’s temporal and structural dimension also notes human intrusion in a meditative and complex ecosystem. Ultimately, there are several modalities of experience: the work is material, referential, and scenic. It explores an archeo-exotic locale and our own contemporary backyard.

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