Karen Rifas Participating in Oolite Arts Exhibition At the Edge

May 28, 2022

Oolite Arts

On view at Oolite Arts 928 Gallery, June 8th through September 11th, At the Edge is an exhibition of female artists using abstraction as a means to investigate and challenge the boundaries of material, process, and environment. Their approaches to abstraction are built from interdisciplinary practices that span both two and three dimensional space. While removing formal ties to nature, the works–centered around line, form and color–offer up room for a deep well of meaning and readings to emerge. The gallery becomes the site that assembles this multiplicity that abstraction provides.

Drawing from notions of labor, resistance, and transformation, the works in the exhibition survey abstraction as a space that lies at the edge.

Participating Artists:

Nathalie Alfonso
Georgia Lambrou
Devora Perez
Jennifer Printz
Karen Rifas
Donna Ruff

Curated by:
Amanda Bradley and Dennis Scholl



March 27, 2023

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September 9, 2022

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July 6, 2022

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