Elisabeth Condon on Pep Talk for Artists

December 2, 2023

Amy Talluto, the host of the podcast Pep Talk for Artists, interviewed Elisabeth Condon for episode 59.  In the interview, Talluto thoughtfully engages with Condon’s work, digging into painterly observations about Condon’s marks, colors, and compositions. Talluto draws Condon out, uncovering new insights into her relationship to pattern, religion, patriarchy and music in addition to a story about how turning points in her oeuvre came about. This conversation is especially valuable because of Talluto and Condon’s rapport, built on their regular conversations about art and artists, many of which are published on the podcast. What a gift, because conversations about paintings on this podcast go deep into mark making, palette, and composition in ways that are specific to the way painters relish in talking to each other.

In segments Talluto calls “Elisabeth describes a painting,” Elisabeth discusses a single painting per episode, delving into close observations of the painting. Condon brings research into the discussion, listing her references as she goes. Episodes of this nature so far are Joseph Stella’s “Tree of Life” 1919, from the Joseph Stella exhibition at the Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach (Ep. 43); Sam Francis’ “Untitled” 1968-69 from the Edge series (Ep. 50); and Jules Olitski’s “Wanderings Bilbao” at Yares Gallery, NY (Ep. 38).

In other episodes, Talluto, Condon and Jennifer Coates discuss an exhibition. Topics of these lively roundtable discussions include Pierre Bonnard: The Experience of Seeing at Acquavella Gallery (Ep. 51), and Edvard Munch: Trembling Earth at the Clark Institute (Ep. 56).




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