Beverly Acha & M. Benjamin Herndon in ARTBURST Miami

July 18, 2023


Douglas Markowitz

Beverly Acha & M. Benjamin Herndon respective exhibitions’ final day during Progressive Art Brunch’s summer session.

With a sweltering summer in full swing, the Miami contemporary art scene is turning to an old art curator’s standby, the group show. At Progressive Art Brunch, a sporadically scheduled gallery walk that held its last session this past Sunday, July 9, several participating Miami art dealers were showing group presentations, some more thematic than others.

Emerson Dorsch held the final day for two shows of abstract painting, one of exceeding darkness and the other of bright color. While Californian M. Benjamin Herndon’s hazy black and white canvases, executed with a special graphite mixture, explored an interplay between light and shadow in ways, Miami-born Beverly Acha’s vibrant work exuded musicality, with compositions full of rounded shapes and bold colors.



November 9, 2023


April 25, 2023

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