Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya Profile

October 18, 2022


Ernesto Gutierrez Moya, Untitled, 2021, Oil on canvas, 24 x 24.5 inches
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Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya is a Miami-based artist whose drawings and paintings are characterized by enigmatic landscapes. There are no people present his works, instead, his focus lies in the search for a connection created through compositional lines––abstract structures are often housed among mystical lush gardens and forests in his paintings. Gutiérrez Moya’s palette is made up of bold colors used in a mysterious manner, sometimes assigning colors to objects to which they don’t belong. This reinforces the ambiguous quality of his narrative. He is influenced by imagery found in art, books, film, and nature, and he uses forms that stem from a real foundation to construct spaces that are at the same time familiar and otherworldly.

Gutiérrez Moya graduated from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana and later taught at the school for two years. His work has been exhibited in group shows in New York, Miami, and Havana and he has had solo shows in Miami and Havana. Publications include CdeCuba Art Magazine, DESTIG Magazine, and The Saatchi Gallery Magazine.

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