Elisabeth Condon: Effulgence


Exhibition Catalog with introduction by Tyler Emerson-Dorsch and essay by Jason Stopa.

In his essay for the catalog accompanying the show, Jason Stopa situates Condon’s new work in relation to modernists like Georgia O’Keefe and Charles Burchfield, late modernist Lee Krasner, all of whom painted flowers and landscape. Stopa also maps her paintings’ relation to pattern and decoration painters, like Valerie Jaudon, Joyce Kozloff and Miriam Schapiro, who did not engage with (mostly male) Minimalism and pre-dated Post-Modern discourse. They, like Condon, challenged high modernism because they refused to dwell in abstraction without representation. Instead, they, like Condon, represent a pattern or decoration not only for the look of it, but also for its symbolism, its history and the way it can be represented.

ISBN 978-1-936327-00-3.

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