Jessica Gispert in Miami New Times

November 29, 2023

Miami New Times

Isabella Marie Garcia

Represented artist Jessica Gispert featured in Miami New Times article as one of the five local artists to watch during Miami Art Week 2023.

As is the case every year, Miami Art Week is the epitome of transience. Anxious art collectors flock to the southernmost state in the continental U.S. for a weeklong charade of art fairs, tropical-set window shopping, and parties galore. Unfortunately, local artists tend to take a backseat in the minds and heads of many, but it shouldn’t. They feed the cultural bloodline of the city year-round, so why not during this week as well?

In that spirit, New Times highlights below five local artists who’ll be elevating their practices to a new level during Miami Art Week. We urge you to support them by attending their shows.

On the heels of her recent solo exhibition, “Desvelos,” at Emerson Dorsch, Jessica Gispert presents a new work, titled Devuélvenos, in Bas Fisher Invitational’s (BFI) booth at NADA Miami at Ice Palace Studios in downtown Miami. Utilizing the wax and metal building blocks of “Desvelos,” Devuélvenos employs Latin American and Caribbean religious motifs to represent the path of tropical cyclones — destructive events through which nature renews itself. Gispert’s weather-radar colors, steel, and soot will be in conversation with Norwegian artists as part of BFI’s Heat Exchange artist-in-residency program, which will take her to Bergen, Norway, next year. For now, her ability to weave a spiritually informed and deep-rooted alchemy amid the temporality of an art fair offers a unique opportunity for Art Week visitors.



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