Rooftop Concert: Bobby Flan, Treasure Teeth, and Power Dynamics

Nov 24th, 2019 7-11pm

Emerson Dorsch is proud to host the final stop on the east coast tour of Bobby Flan, Treasure Teeth and Power Dynamics.

LIZ TRACY | Miami New Times | NOVEMBER 18, 2019

As a kid growing up in Kendall, writer and musician Rob Goyanes reveled in rap, rock, Miami bass, and Hot Wheels Skating Center tunes. At 15, he picked up a bass guitar and dove into crafting his own songs. His mom even let him throw shows at their home. “Bands would travel through and the cops would come to the house,” he remembers. “That was a big learning experience, an invaluable lesson in community and art-making.”

Now a grownup living in New York, Goyanes is a full-time freelance writer and editor, having contributed to publications such as Jewish Currents, Art in America, and the Miami Herald. Recently, he did some writing about sand smugglers for artist Misael Soto and a short story commissioned by artist Domingo Castillo.

Somehow Goyanes finds the time to be a part-time musician too and is making tasty electronic music under the moniker Bobby Flan. He’s on tour with Castillo, who’s spinning music as DJ Broke, along with TT, AKA Treasure Teeth. This week, the trio is traveling south from Montreal to perform in Miami at Emerson Dorsch Gallery Sunday, November 24. They’ll be joined by Lake Worth-to-New York artist Nick Klein, who’s performing as Cream ‘n’ Sugar, and Samson, a collaborative project between Pewbert (AKA Matt Preira of Roofless Records) and Dim Past (AKA Brad Lovett).
Sunday’s show promises to be a who’s who from a particular crew of Miami musicians.

Before he became Bobby Flan, Goyanes was a member of the popular metal act Slashpine with Lovett. They were inspired to break from that genre following a release by Preira on the Spectrum Spools record label: LP by Container.

“That record really struck a nerve with me,” Goyanes says. “Brad bought a Korg synth around that time, and I was like, Damn, this is sick! and bought a Roland MC-909.”

Unfortunately, the newly acquired gear to collect dust for a number of years. After a difficult breakup, while living at the gallery/living space General Practice in 2014, Goyanes was inspired to launch his own electronic outfit as Bobby Flan, making music that’s indebted to the club while sounding very much removed from it. Recently, he released a tape on Enmossed and a vinyl album on Primitive Languages. The year after his creative renewal as Bobby Flan, Goyanes co-created Miami Music Club, a roving space that sought to build an alternative electronic scene with friends Lovett, Dave Rodriguez, and Ricky Vasquez. MMC went on to be named a 2017 Miami New Times MasterMind finalist. Though on hiatus, MMC will present Flan’s Miami stop.

“The concert will continue a long history of musical events at Emerson Dorsch,” Brook Dorsch says. “It will take place on the roof of the building under the shadow of the Robert Chambers sculpture Roto Relief.” In addition to the space, the sculpture itself is also a must-see. Goyanes shares that TT will play a mix of glitchy R&B with heavy rhythms and beguiling vocals. Castillo, his longtime friend and “consistent inspiration,” will DJ a new set each night, incorporating all matter of genres, ranging from jungle to new age.

“Domingo has been lighting up the room with an insane range of tracks. Watching TT is like a master course in composition and sound,” Goyanes says. “Traveling with them is like a mobile crash course in music and performance and local culture.” He adds they’ve become a well-oiled machine that’s been gearing up for perfection by the time they make it to their hometown.

Goyanes says taking to the road on this tour has been a blessing, a reminder of everything he learned about community and music as a kid in Kendall.

“It’s just so refreshing to be reminded about the capacity of art to reinforce old connections and create new ones,” he says. “Touring this way is also such an America-specific phenomenon, with positives and negatives. But the mutual trust and hospitality provided by near-strangers is a beautiful thing.”


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