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As the South Florida’s visual art scene matures, worthy exhibitions and art-centered projects seem to be everywhere. Bernice Steinbaum is presenting “Bear/Bare,” a show that plays on concepts of laying oneself bare and bearing criticism, with works by 10 artists. Locust Projects is presenting works by three recent resident artists. And don’t forget the delightful Ferngully exhibit by the Haas Brothers at The Bass.

But we can’t write about them all. Here a few of our must-see highlights for the winter....

Emerson Dorsch “Fragment”

According to the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi, when a ceramic breaks, one glues it back together again leaving the fissures visible, so the breaks become part of the object’s history rather than not something to hide. For “Fragment,” the pieces are not sewn back together again; they are left in pieces.

Coming after the well-received duel show of Mette Tommerup and Karen Rifas, Dorsch is returning this winter with a group show that features some of the more exciting artists around who work in photography, painting and sculpture—Jenny Brillhart, Yanira Collado (yes, with the solo show at Under the Bridge), Khaulah Naima Nuruddin, Ryan Roa, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, James Allister Sprang, Robert Thiele and Paula Wilson. Each will add their own “fragments.” Through March 23.

Pictured in the article: James Allister Sprang, Concrete Color Arrangement, 2017 

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