Philip Lique featured in The Windows Project: A collaboration of The Bass and Bakehouse Art Complex 

May 11, 2023

Represented artist Philip Lique’s installation Living and Made is featured in The Bass x Bakehouse Art Complex Windows Project. Lique’s work can be viewed on 23rd Street and Collins Avenue in the Walgreens storefront and is on view April 24 through October 15, 2023.

Living and Made is a 93-foot-long public installation by artist Philip Lique that explores the intricate relationships between materials and the intentional and improvised act of “making.” Referencing and reconsidering elements of retail window displays, theatrical scenery and backdrops, and traditional still-life arrangements, Living and Made is a combination of sculptures, wallpapers, paintings, ready-made objects, Walgreens products, and live cactus plants.

Lique’s maximalist display considers how both living things and manufactured objects regenerate to form extensions of themselves, creating something entirely new and unexpected in the process. The installation serves both as a practical environment for cactus propagation and growth, as well as a space for Lique to experiment with the creation of unique pieces, with individual components sourced and reclaimed from his previous works. Living and Made is about the artistic impulse to adapt and revise, linking the evolution of ideas with the gradual (and potentially unavoidable) increase in the quantity (and quality) of objects.

In the artist’s words:
“My studio practice emphasizes process; I manipulate modest materials to build upon that which I have already mastered or exhausted and work to translate those ideas into objects. I explore intuitively and make obsessively, guided by the synergy between history, material, and design. In this way, my work is about craft and skill, exploring the modulation between ‘high’ and ‘low’ finish.”

A limited series of “condition report” NFTs will consist of 360-degree 3D scans of select structures, serving as a record of the original physical state of the exhibition display. After months of continuous exposure to Florida sun and heat, which will fuel the growth of new cacti branches while simultaneously causing incremental fading and deterioration of the artwork, the NFTs will be a testament to how the installation changed and evolved over time. Living and Made seeks to provide a point of entry to witness the life cycle of both natural and man-made elements, encouraging repeated public investigation and engagement.

The Walgreens Windows Project is a collaboration between The Bass and Bakehouse. Featuring site-specific projects by emerging and local artists on a rotating basis, the projects represent the shared missions of the Miami-based arts organizations to support art that engages, challenges, and educates. The project is supported by Walgreens.



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