Elisabeth Condon at The Armory, The Painting Center (NY, NY) and Sarasota Art Center

Elisabeth Condon will participate in several group exhibitions in March, 2018. 
March 7, 2018, 2:00 - 3:00 PM
The Gallery
Elisabeth will show Wallpaper Dragon, 1 51 x 369 inch scroll created on residency during February in Carrizozo, NM, 
at Wang Xin's The Gallery, a project hosted by de Sarthe Gallery in the Armory's Platform segment. 
She will show paintings and ink drawings in:
Cultivate Your Own Garden
Painting Center, New York, NY
February 27 - March 23, 2018
Spectrum III
Sarasota Art Center, Sarasota, FL.
March 15 - April 20, 2018
Curator Nathan Skiles writes, 
"Continuing its annual tradition, Spectrum III presents an experimental installation that embeds the independent work of three artists — Elisabeth Condon, Sue Havens, and Kristen Schiele — within the "context of installations of visual and thematic patterns created by their fellow exhibitors," says exhibition curator Nathan Skiles. The works featured in the exhibition includes large-scale, mixed-media works on paper and an ephemeral print installation by Condon, acrylic on paper paintings and ceramic sculptures by Havens, and modular, shaped canvases and a series of new silkscreen prints by Schiele.

"While each artist incorporates an element of collage and pattern in their work, Condon's synthesis of traditional Chinese painting principles and the remembered fabrics and wallpapers of childhood presents a sublime hybrid of the formal and floral" says Skiles. "Reminiscent of the Norman Wilkson's WWI dazzle camouflage, Haven's complex, overlapping collages and intricately patterned ceramic sculptures challenge perception. Flatness and dimensionality oscillate forming a harmonic, balanced tension. Incorporating shaped, geometric canvases and razor sharp patterns and shapes, Schiele's explosive work adds a hard edge to the exhibition, both formally and attitudinally." 

Additionally, Elisabeth's work can be seen in two exhibitions at Tampa Museum of Art: Made in Tampa: the Permanent Collection, as well as Elisabeth Condon and Bruce Marsh: Skyway Audience Choice.
Her work and a short interview were featured as a blog entry on 100days100women by Irish writer Henry Martin.