Lisa Bulawsky and Laurencia Strauss: Fifty-Fifty art collective, Germane Barnes , Marcus Blake, Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, Elisabeth Condon, Catherine Annie Hollingsworth, Lori Kelly, Phillip Lique, Najja Moon, Karen Rifas, Mette Tommerup, Paula Wilson

Extended to Saturday, February 9, 2019. 

PARADISE SUMMIT MIAMI at Emerson Dorsch is a group art exhibition and site for Paradise Library where the Paradise group and guests gather to explore ideas. For the Miami audience, the group curated the library by flagging references from the essay Facing Necrophilia or “Botox Ethics” by artist and theorist, Katherine Behar.  Participants and audiences activate this collection when they use the space as a research facility and for private topical discussions. Paradise library is constantly expanding based on new conversations. Librarian and philosophy scholar, Lori Kelly, in Key West, hosted the first iteration of Paradise Summit in April 2018.

At Paradise Library, users are allowed to write in the margins. This traces back to Kelly’s experience as a librarian at PAMM. She was gathering and taking inventory of all the books that curators had purchased and used for researching their exhibitions for the past decade or more. She observed how much insight was there in the margins where curators had left notes. Reading them was like tapping in to their individual minds and if viewed together gave intimate access to the brain of the institution as a collective.

One of the founders of the group, Felecia Chizuko Carlisle writes, “As a collective, we communicate, restore, fortify and produce “knowing” outside any institution, in the margins. The concept of marginality as it is played out in society is foundational to our purpose in thinking about Paradise – a place outside the center, away from daily life – a place to escape where “real” things happen. “Paradise” absolutely has use value.”

Public Programs

Sunday December 2
11am-4pm Opening Reception

Friday December 7
8pm Concert: Ssing Ssing
South Korean band that fuses Korean folk music with genres including glam rock, disco, and psychedelic rock (for ticket info please visit ssing/

Saturday December 8
2pm Conversation: Carl-Philippe Juste, photojournalist for The Miami Herald, and Catherine Annie Hollingsworth, acupuncturist, dance journalist, and folkloric dancer discuss the visual language of memory.

Thursday December 13
6pm Conversation: Ladi’Sasha Jones is a collector and witness worker of oral history narratives with a special focus on Black women’s stories and Black American family life. She approaches her documentation practice by working from the intersections of cultural equity, art and collective work.

Saturday January 5
12pm Listening Session: Laurie Anderson, New York Social Life
12pm Public Activation: Tarot readings and a writing workshop

Write On Women Writers Collective from the Monroe County Detention Center have been drawing, writing and thinking about the stories wrinkles tell. Kristina Neihouse, Candace Whitaker and Lori Kelly from Write On will share their work and lead a workshop allowing participants to engage with similar inspirations, prompts and exercises and to write in response to incarcerated authors.
Wrinkles and the Divine: Tarot Readings Work with intuitive readers to explore a custom tarot deck and divination guide which combines theory, poetry and the body to allow us to reflect together on necrophilia, survival and the possibility of joy.
*Donations for readings will go to Saving Our Lives, Hear Our Truths (SOLHOT), a collective that works to create space for Black girls and women to think together and to affirm Black girl genius.

Saturday January 12
12pm Listening Session: Recorded Readings from Necrophiliac Texts narrated by Lori Kelly
12 pm Elisabeth Condon, Chalice Mitchell and Kale Roberts: Ink Painting/Impermanence Workshop
Elisabeth Condon demonstrates the Four Gentlemen in Chinese painting (bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum and plum), which capture natural forms combining script, image, seasons and the life cycle; Chalice Mitchell paints performance artist Kale Roberts in a figure painting session that celebrates her interest in the gaze and his work with the body. Painting changing postures acknowledges the fleeting nature of life, the changes in human bodies, and impermanence of the moment of observation. Come see these artists at work and try practicing an active form of visual meditation, or pose and be painted.
Saturday January 19
12:30pm Listening Session: Kathy Acker, Love, Emily (Side A)
1pm Discussion: Felecia Chizuko Carlisle: Oppositional Forces
2pm: PARADISE NOW: Amanda Keeley and Phil Lique from EXILE Books next door lead a conversation about publishing in Miami.

Saturday January 26
1pm Listening Session: Reading and Discussion from Katherine Behar's Facing Necrophilia or "Botox Ethics" with Felecia Chizuko Carlisle.
Saturday February 2
(Ground Hog Day)
1 PM All Ages Creativity Session with Mette Tommerup
A Paradise-inspired fantasy experience of being washed ashore on a deserted island after a shipwreck and forced to create one’s own paradise from scratch. Paradise Survival Fashion Show lets children create clothing from palm fronds and perform in a fashion show. This piece examines notions of paradise from a child’s perspective and encourages the entire family to make their own paradise.
3 PM Paradise Survival Fashion Show
Exhibition Closes

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